HAUS & Emile Henry

That morning aroma of freshly baked bread

Emile Henry have spoilt us with their fantastic selection of Bread Bakers.   The introduction of new pieces in 2021 took the range to new heights in both sales and appeal.  Why is the bread baker so popular and why do we need at least one model in our kitchen?

How does it work then?

Made in France. Having always been commited to French craftmanship.  Emile Henry remain true to their French historic location of Marcigny, deep in the heart of Burgundy.  Emile Henry are proud to contribute to maintaining traditional skills as well as jobs.

Why bread? From the pleasure of kneading to the joy of sharing, baking your own bread is extremely satisfying.  With its domed lid to retain just the right level of humidity, the Emile Henry bread bakers bake delicious loaves with a golden, crisp crust.  Just like the bread of yesteryear, authentic and generous!

Choice. Artisan, bread rolls, ciabatta, small loaf, large loaf (one of our favourites), round bread bakers, baguette bakers and a traditional cloche... these were the beginnings of our bread story.  Now we introduce the mini baguette baker and the Ciabatta baker.


Sharing is caring right? Tag your bread story on social media.  WE love our community of growing bakers.  Whether experienced or experimental.  We want you to enjoy bread! 

Available from all good cookshops. Where do i get my baker from? You can obtain a bread baker from one of our many stockists, failing that you can always get it direct from us on our sister retail site. 

Ready for the oven, ready for a crisp crust, place the lid on and wait the alloted time and enjoy! 

Shapes to suit you. Two popular items.  Showcasing the Large Loaf Baker and the original Cloche.