Veritable In The IER Awards Finals!

We are very excited to find out that Veritable have been selected as a finalist for the Innovative Electrical Retailing Awards 2021. Celebrating all things technology based, recognising innovation in electrical products and retailers within this sector. 

After submitting Veritable for multiple categories, we had all fingers crossed that it would be chosen for at least one, little did we know, it would be chosen for two!

The first of which is Best Smart Home Technology with the Veritable Connect indoor garden, and the second is Best Technical Innovation with the Veritable Exky Smart. Two different versions that have impressed many, thanks to the intelligent technology included in each garden.

When being compared against so many other amazing products of innovation, it can be difficult to stand out, and we are hopeful that Veritable will impress when it comes to choosing the winner! We can't wait to celebrate (hopefully in reality) the winners of each category in July.