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Maitre D' Cast Iron

Explore the Maitre D’ cast iron series and you’ll discover pots and pans that you won’t want to just use for cooking, but also for serving. Such as the mini casserole dishes – perfect for serving soups or smaller simmered dishes at the table. The cast iron will keep the food warm, while the rustic design is a feast for the eyes.
Cookware that will get a special place in your kitchen and on the dining table, with their rustic look, lifelong durability and incredible frying properties. If you like to fry or simmer your food, the Maitre D’ cast iron series will reward you with beautiful, tasty dishes. The cast iron can withstand high temperatures, enabling you to get the perfect level of crispiness and browning.
If you look after your cast iron pots and pans, you'll not only have cookware that never fails you, but cookware than can be passed down through generations. Cast iron only improves with age.

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