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SCANPAN joined forces with a number of professional chefs. Together delving into the preparation methods and work processes of the professional kitchen and challenged the shapes, angles and sizes of traditional cookware. The result is the TechnIQ range - optimised in all aspects to give you the best culinary results. They have challenged ideas of traditional kitchen equipment, twisted the geometry and optimised the angles. The result: the TechnIQ series - designed with professional insight and experience, for food enthusiasts and home chefs.
With a fundamentally new technology, SCANPAN have succeeded in creating a surface that surpasses all previous ones when it comes to hardness, and therefore strength and durability, while still retaining a perfect food-release and being exceptionally easy to clean.
Professional chefs really put the frying properties to the test. And the reviews of the new Stratanium+ coating are clear: SCANPAN has succeeded in combining unrivalled releasability with frying properties that meet professional chefs’ highest requirements.

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