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Founded in 1943 and located in Eslohe, Germany, GEFU has developed into one of the most exclusive specialists for high quality kitchen equipment. They create timeless products which harmoniously combine design and practicality. Their constant style is adapted to meet customer needs but is always shaped by tradition, modernity and quality. All products are required to convince with their practical usability, dazzle with their unique design and also be robust, hygienic and long-lasting. GEFU works closely and successfully with the creative Berlin invivodesign product designers to product kitchen tools which function faultlessly and are a must in the modern day kitchen.

Each product has it's own unique character design, uncompromising quality and innovative functionality. Kitchen tools are an essential for everyday cooking, GEFU makes your kitchen experience easier and more efficient, meaning less time spent prepping in the kitchen. With GEFU, it is unlikely that you will want to hide your tools away into drawers, they will sit pride of place on your work surface. Not only is each piece nice to look at, they are also ergonomically shaped increasing comfortability.

The designers at GEFU are inspired by new design trends and concepts when searching for new ideas. Discover a range of gadgets and tools for chopping, grating, slicing, pressing, pasta making, baking, serving, straining, roasting, presenting, seasoning and so on.



GEFU kitchen helpers for individual baking ideas: whether cakes, muffins, biscuits, pies or other pastries, every homemade dessert tastes delicious.

Without the right tools, even the most talented baker cannot create anything. There are a few kitchen utensils that are standard in every modern kitchen.

From mixing bowls to whisks and baking pans to piping bags, GEFU are here to serve all. Ranging in sizes and designs, there is something to suit everyone.

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Incorporating some of the essential tools which are always part of the cooking routine. Practical, robust, durable and indispensable. Made from high-grade stainless steel and designed to hang on a kitchen rail, taking pride of place in the house.

There's simply a utensil for every task, whether that's serving soup, flipping pancakes or draining pasta. 

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For a relaxed BBQ party, a few kitchen utensils should not be missing: in addition to the basic equipment that makes every BBQ recipe easier, there are special kitchen tools that have been specially developed for your favourite meat recipes.

Regardless of whether it's burgers, sausages or vegetable skewers - you need the right kitchen tools to remove your grilled food from the grill without accidents, with GEFU tongs and forks, you are on the safe side.

Get kitted out with BBQ tools, from hamburger presses to vegetable choppers and skewers.

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High quality kitchen utensils that can be used and placed in every household, cooking has never been so easy and at the same time has been so much fun. The practical kitchen utensils such as spatula, whisk, potato masher, cheese slicer and many more are convincing, not only with their appealing look, but also with their first-class workmanship. All kitchen gadgets in the GEFU Primeline series are made of high-quality stainless steel and heat-resistant silicone.

Thanks to the large range, there is something to complement all kitchen designs. Each product is perfectly coordinated, both visually and functionally. Not only will you have an eye-catcher in your kitchen, but also something that makes cooking even faster and easier than before. Stay true to your modern, minimalist and high quality style - GEFU Primeline kitchen utensils are much too beautiful for the kitchen drawer.

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Tea & Coffee

Are you team coffee, tea or both? With GEFU kitchen utensils, it doesn't matter how you prefer to drink your favourite hot drink, because with GEFU, you can make every hot drink in seconds.

The variety of coffee beverages is great, from espresso, americano, latte macchiato, cappuccino to cafe latte - roasted coffee beans or espresso beans can be used to conjure up many delicious hot drinks. For the perfect coffee, it is not just the coffee bean that is decisive, the right utensils adds the finishing touch too.

From milk frother to espresso maker, master the perfect tea and coffee with the help of GEFU specialised hot drink tools. Transform your average beverage into an exquisite refreshment.

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Kitchen tools are all those utensils that help you with cooking and baking, relieving the work steps and saving valuable time that you can use for more important things.

In addition to the basic equipment of your kitchen, without which cooking would be almost impossible, the kitchen helpers are to be understood as additional relief. But here too, there are gradations: while some kitchen gadgets are extremely practical for pretty much every cook and should definitely not be missing in your kitchen, more specific kitchen tools are suitable for specific types of preparation or favourite dishes that you cook over and over again.

Kitchen prep doesn't have to be a difficult task when you have the help of GEFU tools.

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