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Since 1927, all products have been designed, developed and produced in Odenwald, under fair and sustainable conditions that benefit people and the planet. The brand Koziol stands for modern solutions as well as, larger than life, award-winning design. Design, development, modelmaking, mould construction, dispatch and marketing are all handled at a single site, minimizing transport needs and maximizing environmental sustainability. They use state-of-the-art technology to create their ground-breaking products. All of the company's production waste is recycled. It's all but impossible to match Koziol's commitment to conservation. 


The ORGANIC collection from Koziol is like no other. It is purely based on cellulose: 100% pure material, 100% recyclable without any harmful substances or traces of melamine, formaldehyde or BPA. Each product is extremely long-lasting and durable thermoplastic, ideal for use everyday. Not only this, the ORGANIC collection is also food and dishwasher safe and heat resistant up to at least 100°C. That's a good design with a clear conscience. Available in three organic colours (grey, pink and green).


Discover a range of classic products that you never knew you needed with Koziol - ranging from kitchenware to homeware. Stylish, unique and simple design that fits in with every home. Many of these products are also popular with the children. Koziol collaborates with the best designers and colleges in the world. Creativity networked with skill, knowledge and high tech under a single roof to product unique classics.




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