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With over 64 years within the industry, SCANPAN always lead the way in innovation and technology, priding themselves on the highest quality, uncompromising cookware. This family renowned business manufacture in their own facility in Ryomyaard, Denmark. SCANPAN set the standard for worldwide cookware with their simplicity, minimalism and functionality. The respect they have for food and our Earth is why they use recycled aluminium. This makes their products the ideal choice for anyone who shares a commitment to lessening our impact on the environment.


SCANPAN have over ten different ranges to offer - all of which have been created using the famous squeeze cast method. Each range has it's own sleek, distinctive design, as well as, ergonomically shaped handles to ensure all cooking experiences are the best they can be. Each product is coated in the SCANPAN unique Stratanium coating - the only non-stick coating that can braise, sea and deglaze when cooking. It is extremely robust, easy to clean, 100% PFOA free and dishwasher safe.

The newer HaptIQ and TechnIQ ranges by SCANPAN contain their new Stratanium+ non stick coating - a rougher surface which surpasses all previous ones when it comes to hardness, strength and durability, while still retaining a perfect food release. It doesn't stop there, all products and lids from Scanpan are proof up to 260°C and they will not be damaged by metal utensils.

Whether you are a professional chef, an everyday home cook or are just extremely passionate about the intricacy of food and flavours, there is something for everyone with SCANPAN. Discover new shapes, angles, contours and functions to boost your cooking skills.





         Classic                                Classic Induction  


    CTX                                           Fusion 5


HaptIQ                                           Impact 


               Knives                                        Maitre D'              


  Maitre D' Copper                       Maitre D' Cast Iron


   Pro IQ                                      Professional




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