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Proudly designed and made in France, Veritable is the leader in indoor urban agriculture, providing revolutionary solutions for city and country dwellers. With over 50% of the worlds population living in urban areas, it is hard to find local, freshly grown plants suitable for cooking and presentation. Veritable allows this to happen, bringing aromatic herbs, baby vegetables, greens, small fruits, Asian flavours and edible flowers into the comfort of your own home, all year round. Veritable helps you to discover the wholesome, infusion of flavour and allows you to experience your ingredients at every stage of growth. Seek the very best textures, tastes and scents which bring natural colour, originality and refinement to your dishes.


After a 2 year research and development program and 4 patents, the Veritable SMART garden delivers the best technology for indoor farming. As well as the SMART garden, we also bring to you the CLASSIC and CONNECT - all of which allows you to grow up to four different plants at the same time. Their impressive features range from automatic watering system, blinking lights when the water tank needs refilling, Adaptlight technology which instantly adjusts the LED's intensity based on the surrounding light and the Veritable app which allows you to see your garden at every stage. With all of these features, it makes it impossible to go wrong. Veritable also offer their smaller indoor garden, EXKY, which is ultra compact in size and has been adapted to fit into the smaller space of any home. This version allows you to grow up to two different plants at a time.

The Lingot easily slots into all gardens and are patented innovation created by the Veritable experts. These ready to use refills contain all of the essential elements needed for a fresh, plentiful growth. With guaranteed success, if a Lingot doesn't sprout properly, Veritable will exchange or refund it.



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