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Which Brand's For Me?

Whether you are looking for the very latest ceramics, the best knives, world-famous non-stick cookware, lifestyle gifts, tools, gadgets or indoor gardening, you can inspire your customers with help from the team at HAUS. Help them on a healthy journey or just assist them with a variety of powerful brand names that will ensure longevity and pleasure of use, we have most housewares categories covered.
Over the last few years we have all witnessed the evolution of the cook shop and seen the incorporation and blend of great cookware and lifestyle orientated gifts. HAUS successfully partners with many businesses, whether you are offering corporate gifts or housewares for consumers and foodies alike. If you are an independent store, a garden centre, hotel or bed and breakfast, we can support your requirements.
There are many opportunities amongst the channels in which we work, you are our partner, and we want you to share our passion and enthusiasm to the end user. You can happily follow us on social media, contact our office or visit our showroom. A representative will help you with an appointment either via video call or with a visit, whether it’s for a new listing, adding a brand, help and support, training or simple seasonal purchases.
Other than that, look out for editorial and social media campaigns. 
You may have seen our products featured and reviewed in Great British Food, Veggie Magazine, Delicious, Good Food and other food/lifestyle related titles.
 2020 and HAUS offer you...
Six brands, over Seven NEW ranges and
enough enthusiasm in cooking to shake a wooden spoon at.
Emile Henry - NEW Delight, NEW Colours, NEW Food Storage.
GEFU - NEW additions to Primeline, New Tools and much more.
Koziol - Recyclable long-lasting plastic for the home, move away from disposable plastics.
Scanpan - NEW Classic Induction, NEW HaptIQ, NEW TechnIQ, NEW Classic Steel Knives, NEW Classic Tools and more.
Veritable - NEW Indoor Gardens including over 50 varieties of herb, flower and flavoursome inspirations to excite and enthuse your food and your customer.
Wusthof - NEW Urban Farmer, NEW Crafter, NEW Storage, NEW Electric Sharpener and more.