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NEW GEFU SPINO Multi Chopper
NEW GEFU SPINO Multi Chopper
NEW GEFU SPINO Multi Chopper
NEW GEFU SPINO Multi Chopper
NEW GEFU SPINO Multi Chopper


NEW GEFU SPINO Multi Chopper


SKU GF89470

The SPINO’s turbo winder deals with time-consuming kitchen tasks in the flick of a wrist. It chops fruit and nuts to the size of your choice, purées vegetables for sauces and mixes hearty dips. Perfect for guacamole, tomato salsa, finely cubed vegetables in omelettes or fruity quark dishes.

  • cutting insert with 3 curved blades
  • stirring insert
  • egg-separating insert, removable
  • easy-to-swap inserts
  • non-slip stand thanks to base ring
  • detachable winder takes up less storage space
  • including protective cap for blades
  • filling volume: 1,500 ml
  • L 18,8 cm, W 18,8 cm, H 24,5 cm
  • high-grade stainless steel / plastic / high-grade blade steel
  • dishwasher safe

The SPINO multi chopper is a cut above the rest – and doesn’t even have to be plugged in! With its manual turbo winder and easy-to-swap inserts, it can do almost any of the jobs that usually call for an electric food processor. The ultra-sharp cutting insert easily chops nuts and onions, fruit and veg for your next stew, or tomatoes for spicy salsas. Meanwhile, the versatile stirring insert conjures up dreamily creamy desserts, creative salad dressings and dips, airy doughs and omelettes. The SPINO accessories also include a removable egg separator which simply and surely separates the white, for sugary meringues, from the yolk for a golden hollandaise sauce.

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