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GEFU Egg Topper With Salt Shaker


GEFU Egg Topper With Salt Shaker


SKU GF12355
GEFU Egg Topper With Salt Shaker

Smoothly Cracked Boiled Eggs

No more messily cracked boiled eggs! Therell be no tapping the egg with a spoon or little bits of shell to pick off when you use the GEFU Egg Topper to smoothly remove the top of your boiled egg shell. Place the Topper on the boiled egg. Pull the ball and let it spring back to cleanly crack the top of the shell. Season with salt as required with the integrated salt shaker which can be adjusted to a big or a small opening. For storing the salt shaker can be closed. * with integrated salt shaker * length 16cm * approximately 3.5cm * stainless steel / plastic