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GEFU BIVITA Sprouting Jar


GEFU BIVITA Sprouting Jar


SKU GF18910
GEFU BIVITA Sprouting Jar

Innovative miniature greenhouse

The innovative miniature greenhouse with its integrated ventilation provides the perfect climatic conditions to cultivate fresh sprouts in your own kitchen. for sprouting seeds, such as alfalfa, mung beans, radishes, chickpeas, wheat, lentils etc. glass dome provides the best lighting conditions ventilation integrated into the base fresh sprouts for salads etc. after just one week H 18.4cm, dia. 12.8cm glass / silicone / ABS plastic / high-quality stainless steel Fresh sprouts are rich in minerals and highly fibrous and are therefore healthy ingredients for salads and wok dishes. The sprouting jar can be used for cultivating fresh sprouts at any time from the seeds of alfalfa, radishes or mung beans, for example. Swirl the seeds briefly in water in the glass dome, allow them to drain over the strainer, which is integrated in the stand, put the glass dome onto the stand and place the sprouting jar in a warm place. Repeat this procedure again and again and the crispy ingredients will be ready to harvest after one week