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GEFU Fish Rack


GEFU Fish Rack

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SKU GF89331
GEFU Fish Rack

BBQ Fish

Grilling or baking a whole fish to perfection: that is what the fish rack is made for! Its slideable supports ensure that the fish can be perfectly positioned and reaches the table with its skin intact. Sea bream, trout, char, mackerel: up to a length of 35 cm, all of these can be prepared using the fish rack. Either au naturel with their belly down or with a sophisticated filling of herbs, lemon and more and with the back down. The fish rack is fit for use both in the oven and on the barbecue. Its three simple, individually slideable supports are oiled and then positioned to match the length of the fish. Once inserted, the fish will remain in place during cooking. * individually adjustable 3-point support for fish up to 35 cm / 13 in. in length * for sea bream, trout, char, mackerel etc. * for the barbecue and oven * W36 cm, D7.6 cm, H7.3 cm * high-grade stainless steel * dishwasher-safe