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GEFU Tea And Milk Thermometer


GEFU Tea And Milk Thermometer

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SKU GF21770
GEFU Tea And Milk Thermometer


This practical tea and milk thermometer can be used for two purposes: check that water is just at the right heat for tea specialities and milk at the correct temperature for frothing. perfectly heated tea water and milk at the ideal temperature for frothing Celsius scale: up to 110 C / Fahrenheit scale: up to 220 F fastening clamp 3.7 cm, W 14.5 cm high-grade stainless steel dishwasher-safe Fastened on the rim of a pot or glass, this tea and milk thermometer indicates the ideal temperature of water for various tea specialities as well as the right temperature of milk for frothing, both in Celsius and in Fahrenheit. The scale includes not only tea varieties but also the perfect heat for frothed milk.

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