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GEFU Cooking thermometer


GEFU Cooking thermometer


SKU GF21780
GEFU Cooking thermometer


Roasting, deep-frying or preserving: the scale on this cooking thermometer indicates temperatures for a wide variety of uses. for use on pots and in the oven can also be used as a thermometer for sugar or fat/oil fastening clamp for pot rims Celsius scale: up to 300 C / Fahrenheit scale: up to 550 F 6.2 cm, W 15,7 cm high-grade stainless steel dishwasher-safe The perfectly done roast, the best temperature for melting coating chocolate, the ideal temperature for deep-frying oil: this cooking thermometer provides the required degrees in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Thanks to a practical clamp, the thermometer is easily attached to the rim of the pot.