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GEFU Salad Spinner Speed Wing


GEFU Salad Spinner Speed Wing


SKU GF28150
GEFU Salad Spinner Speed Wing

Speed Wing

High speed thanks to modern technology: dry leaf salads gently by whizzing them around in this salad spinner driven by cable pull. Gentle spinning without changing directions Cable pull automatically unwinds High speeds reached by repeated pulling on the cable STOP button to stop it spinning Pouring spout integrated into the lid Detachable driving disc Capacity: 5 l 27cm, H15 cm high-grade stainless steel / ABS / POM / PP / SAN bowl, sieve and driving disc are dishwasher-safe Spinning your salad dry gently and quickly is easy using this salad spinner. As movement is one-directional, the salad is not shaken but whizzed around gently. A cable pull with automatic rewind ensures high speeds, making salad leaves crisp and dry in no time at all. Stop spinning with one push at the STOP button and drain liquid through an opening in the lid without lifting it off.

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