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Brund Easy Cut Poultry Shears


Brund Easy Cut Poultry Shears

£29.95 £14.98

SKU BR14052204
Brund Easy Cut Poultry Shears

Sharp and robust poultry shears with a highly ergonomic "loop grip" for optimal power transfer, comfort and precision. Cuts fresh and fried chicken, duck, goose etc. Also suitable for fresh fish. The blades are made of high quality stainless steel and are suitable for larger legs and bones. Easy cleaning in the dishwasher. ~

Brund Easy Cut have a wide range of kitchen knives and knife accessories with functional details. In addition to these poultry shears, there are wide selection of knives, as well as various knife accessories, such as cutting boards, knives, knife magnets, knife blocks and universal scissors.

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