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Emile Henry One Pot Casserole Burgundy 22.5cm dia.

Emile Henry

Emile Henry One Pot Casserole Burgundy 22.5cm dia.


SKU EH345575
Emile Henry One Pot Casserole Burgundy

L 23cm | H 19cm | 2L

The Emile Henry ceramic One Pot casserole allows you to create delicious, healthy recipes. Based on ancient cooking principles, it is used for cooking rice, cereals and pulses and allows different cooking techniques : pilaf, risotto or from cold. It is ideal for making One Pot recipes, where all the ingredients are cooked together to get a tasty, complete meal in a short time. Made from Flame ceramic, an excellent heat diffuser, the One Pot offers even, controlled cooking. The 2L capacity is ideal for 4 to 6 servings as a main meal or side dish. Whats more, it is attractive when presented directly on the table ! All Emile Henry products are made in France and guaranteed 10 years. A range made with Flame Ceramic. Master slow, gentle simmering on stove tops or in the oven: best cooking results guaranteed.