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Emile Henry The Stock Pot Burgundy

Emile Henry

Emile Henry The Stock Pot Burgundy


SKU EH345580
Emile Henry The Stock Pot Burgundy

Dia. 22.5cm

| L 23cm | H 21cm | 4L DISCONTINUED

Made from Flame ceramic, our Stockpot offers gentle, tasty cooking for soup and stews, preserving the natural flavours of the ingredients. Flame ceramic is an excellent heat diffuser, for controlled, even cooking. It maintains the heat once served on the table, throughout the duration of the meal. Flame ceramic can be used on all heat sources (gas, halogen, electric and with an induction disk for induction hobs). The high sides prevent the contents from boiling over during cooking. The top edge has been specially designed for easy pouring without dripping. The 17cm depth of the base, makes it easy to use an immersion blender without scratching the bottom. With a 4 litre (4Qt.) capacity, the Stockpot has a volume for 6-8 servings. With its generous curves and vivid colors, the Stockpot is an attractive item for serving directly at the table. A range made with Flame Ceramic. Master slow, gentle simmering on stove tops or in the oven: best cooking results guaranteed.