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NEW GEFU CONSCIO Coffee Capsule Set
NEW GEFU CONSCIO Coffee Capsule Set
NEW GEFU CONSCIO Coffee Capsule Set
NEW GEFU CONSCIO Coffee Capsule Set
NEW GEFU CONSCIO Coffee Capsule Set


NEW GEFU CONSCIO Coffee Capsule Set

£27.95 £16.77

SKU GF12718

Sustainable and money-saving – how it works: place the funnel Contents: an empty capsule, fill with espresso powder using the measuring spoon and press down with tamper, seal capsule with self-adhesive aroma seal – and you’re done. After use, simply remove the cover, clean the capsule and it can be used again immediately.

  • suitable for standard, original NESPRESSO® capsule machines
  • individually fillable
  • dishwasher-safe (except for stick-on aroma seals)
  • high-grade stainless steel / plastic / aluminium
  • dishwasher safe

Contents: funnel, 2 x stainless steel capsules, measuring spoon with tamper, 80 stick-on aroma seals, 2 x replacement sealing rings, cleaning comb Aromatic espresso creations, eco-friendly and kind on the pocket: all possible with the CONSCIO coffee capsule set. Wider variety With CONSCIO, you can keep on trying out new coffee varieties and testing your own mixes until you discover your very own favourite espresso. As an example, we recommend the delicious Malabar WAKE UP espresso with its powerful, tangy notes of tobacco, wood and dark chocolate. Organically farmed, it is a real treat specially created for GEFU by the Langen coffee roasters. More sustainable There are growing mountains of refuse; our oceans are polluted with ever more plastic. The indefinitely reusable CONSCIO stainless steel capsules are just right for anyone wanting to play a tiny part in protecting the environment: every time you refill one you are avoiding unnecessarily wasting plastic or saving aluminium, a valuable resource. On top of that, CONSCIO capsules are even 50% cheaper than conventional disposable capsules, saving you a tidy sum with every cup of your favourite drink.

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